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EFT tapping group online (free)

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EFT tapping group – online @ no charge

This session will be online on Zoom.
Book online REGISTER to receive the link to join.

You’re welcome to join this complimentary online EFT tapping group as support through these uncertain and challenging times. Even though this stressful environment is similar for all of us globally, everyone is being affected in their own singular way. The intention of this tapping group is to connect, build resilience, access calm and gain clarity.

Open to all (over 18 years).

Whether you’re familiar with the EFT tapping technique or not, join this group to learn basic EFT tapping for self-help or as an opportunity to practice your tapping skills.

EFT tapping can help to calm the nervous system, release tension, reduce stress and anxiety and improve sleep patterns.

If this is your first time experiencing EFT, watch a brief EFT Tapping Demonstration in my video.

See the calendar for dates and times of all sessions. If these date/times don’t suit you, have a look at other EFT Tapping Support groups being offered by other EFT International Practitioners and Trainers.

EFT Tapping Group online FREE

60 minutes. Online. Free of charge.
See calendar for session days/times.
Book onlineREGISTER to receive the link to join.

Send me an email if you have any questions.

Accredited-Trainer-Seal EFTiFacilitated by Falguni Mather, Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner, Trainer and Mentor with EFT International.