Support group for your community

Are you part of a community that experiences similar difficulties?
Do you find that simply talking about those problems doesn’t bring permanent solutions or the relief that you seek?

Life constantly throws things at us; having the resilience to respond with equanimity and clarity is what determines our well-being.

Sharing your stresses in a support group, even the daily small frustrations, can be profoundly helpful, bringing new perspectives and opportunities for growth and a connection with the other group members.

We practice EFT, focusing, grounding and breath exercises, self-compassion and mindfulness as we reflect and share within the confidential group space.

A cost-effective option compared to individual sessions. The same as individual sessions, these groups are completely confidential.

Invite me to host a support group in your community, for example:
– Parents’ group
– Dealing with Divorce
– New mothers’ group
– Coping with serious illness
– Trauma recovery group
– LGBT support group
– Grieving and loss support, or similar.

These groups are held in person at your venue or online via Zoom. We decide together if we hold them regularly; weekly, twice a month or monthly.

Or you may prefer a stand-alone workshop delivered to your team, tailored to specific topics of interest, for example:
– Confidence and public speaking
– Understanding emotional health and developing emotional intelligence (EI).

Get in touch with me to host your group or to run a workshop for your team.


EFT groups facilitated by Falguni Mather, Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner, Trainer and Mentor with EFT International.