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The Relevance of Energy

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Emotion = “E-motion” = Energy in Motion

Our thoughts, our emotions and even our interactions, are all made up of energy.

Emotion (energy) needs to flow, and when we suppress, deny or or even over-express our feelings, our energies (emotions) stay trapped and discomfort deepens. Believe it or not, it takes energy to suppress bad feelings, as well as to forcefully express them. In the long run, non-resolution leaves us feeling depleted, resulting in low moods, anger, depression, anxieties, illnesses.

Healing and resolution rarely occur unless we recognise and address our problems; as the saying goes, “what we resist, persists“.

When we are able to acknowledge, address and resolve, our energy flows dynamically, and we feel better, work better, love better and live better.

In my practice as an Integrative counsellor, I focus on a mind-body-social approach to therapy. I combine EFT tapping and somatic therapies with traditional talk therapy to assist you in resolving your difficulties and concerns.

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