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Gratitude Meditation : Start with your Body

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Often Heard and Seldom Practiced:

We have so many things to be grateful for and so many ways in which to be grateful. This Gratitude Meditation for me is like starting at home, with the basics, with our body. I like to do this in Śavāsana after a yoga class, but you can do it at any time. It’s a great meditation to get you into a relaxed state just before you sleep. It’s very powerful to end your day with gratitude instead of the usual stressful thoughts.

You can sit or lay down to meditate. Either way, get comfortable. If you choose to sit, make sure your back is straight.

Close your eyes, and start by taking a few deep, relaxing belly breaths. Focusing on your breath will help to stay present.

After you start to feel a little more relaxed, just feel into your body. As you progress through the meditation, let your mind slowly feel it’s way to each body part.

As you scan your body, be grateful to each part. You can actually say whatever comes to your mind, naturally – the following meditation is for you to use as a guideline. Start by sending your mind towards your feet, and feel each toe. :

Thank you, my toes and my feet, for carrying my body around all day

Thank you, my ankles, for being flexible so I can walk

Thank you, my shins and calves. I send you love and thank you for your support

Thank you, my knees, for being wonderful flexible joints, and for helping me move forward. I send love from my heart to the cartilage, bones and every cell in and around you

Thank you my thighs, for helping my legs move forward

Thank you my pelvis, for protecting my organs, for being my foundation

Thank you my hips, for holding my emotions, for helping me to be active

Thank you my torso, my front and my back. Thank you my stomach for helping me to digest, thank you my lungs, for helping me to breathe. Thank you, my spine, for your constant and amazing support

Thank you my shoulders, for helping me carry my responsibilities, thank you my joints, I send loving light to every cell

Thank you my arms, for helping me to embrace my experiences

Thank you my wrists, my hands, my fingers, for helping me with simple tasks every day

Thank you, my neck, for supporting my head

Thank you my lips, mouth, nose eyes, and ears, for helping me to sense

Thank you my head, my mind, my brain, for being a part of me

Pause here, now, and take a few deep belly breaths…

Take your mind’s focus to your heart, and feel into all the loving energy that resides there. Feel the love. Give it a colour, perhaps. Now send the colour (or just the energy if you can’t feel a colour) from your heart all over your body.
If you have any injuries or disabilities, do the body scan as above. Send love to that body part instead of an emotion like anger or frustration.

Remember: Love soothes, anger inflames.

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Tuning into the Law of Attraction

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You’ve watched The Secret, you’ve heard about the “Law of Attraction”, you think you know what it means, although it sometimes feels like a lot of mumbo-jumbo positive thinking stuff and you’re not really sure how it works, if at all.

When I first heard about the Law of Attraction, I intuitively resonated with it. Tried it out for myself, and lo and behold, it worked. What better reason to believe in something than because it works for you? However, part of me still loves an explanation if there’s one to be had, even if it’s just via an analogy.

Dr. Bradley Nelson uses the analogy of tuning forks to demonstrate how like attracts like. Although he makes the analogy to explain how trapped negative feelings attract more of the same, the analogy can be applied to any form of energy, which is what all our thoughts, feelings, emotions etc. are made of. (In fact, everything in this universe is made up of energy, whether it is tangible or not. Refer to Albert Einstien).

Dr. Nelson explains how if you have a number of tuning forks of different sizes (and therefore, different frequencies) in a room, and if you strike one of them, all the other tuning forks in the room that are of the same frequency will start vibrating. He explains that this is “not because of some natural affinity between tuning forks. This is the way our universe works.” *

Similarly, all our thoughts, feelings, emotions etc. each have their own particular frequency, since they are all made up of energy.


Imagine each negative thought you have is a tuning fork vibrating at a specific frequency. What is it attracting? All the other negative vibrations of the same frequency, i.e., more of the same!

Now imagine what happens with each positive, abundant and beautiful thought you have…..

Pick a day, and try this experiment:
Wake up.
Be grateful for 5 things in your life.
Feel happy about these 5 things and smile.
Wear the smile all morning as you go about your day.
See how many strangers smile back at you.

*Nelson, B. (2007). The emotion code: how to release your trapped emotions for abundant health, love and happiness. Mesquite, Nev.: Wellness Unmasked Pub..

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