EFT tapping group – online @ no charge

This session will be on Zoom. Open to all (over 18 years).
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You’re welcome to join these complimentary online EFT tapping groups as support through these uncertain and challenging times. Even though this stressful environment is similar for all of us globally, everyone is affected in their own singular way.

The intention of this EFT tapping group is to reduce stress, access calm and gain clarity.

Connect with other like-minded individuals who use EFT tapping.

Whether you’re familiar with the EFT tapping technique or not, join these groups to learn basic EFT tapping for self-care or as an opportunity to practice your tapping skills.

60 minutes. Online. Free of charge. Book now

If this is your first time experiencing EFT, watch a brief EFT Tapping Demonstration in my video.

If my date/times don’t suit you, have a look at other EFT Support groups being offered by other EFT International Practitioners and Trainers.

Participant comments:

“Absolutely love Falguni’s tapping group. I have learned so much. Thank you.”

“I love tapping in a group, Falguni brings it together nicely.”

“I learn something new every session. Thank you for continuing to offer these!”

“Absolutely love the healing power of group EFT sessions. Borrowing benefits is so apparent during these sessions. Thank you for facilitating such a powerful session.”

“I didn’t know tapping can help pain. I like the group when we tap for pain, my shoulder is better even the next day.”

“Because of attending the group I feel more confident to use EFT more with myself.”

“Appreciate the power of this group and the commitment of Falguni to bring EFT to the world. God bless.”

EFTiAccredited-Master-TrainerEFT groups facilitated by Falguni Mather, Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner, Trainer and Mentor with EFT International.

What I love about EFT is that although it is highly effective with deep work when facilitated by a therapist (for example, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, all types of trauma, PTSD and the like), it functions effectively and powerfully as a self-help technique. I have been facilitating EFT groups for over 8 years and when we have such a simple yet effective tool that can be used anywhere and any time (no need for space or quiet or yoga mat or an empty room), it can be extremely empowering.

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