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EFT tapping in a group

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EFT tapping in groups

Are you part of a group that struggles with the same difficulties?
Do you find that simply talking about those problems doesn’t bring permanent solutions or the relief that you seek?

Working in groups can be a powerful way to access change within you. It can often bring new perspectives to help you see your situation a new light, resulting in new solutions. Furthermore, working in groups can ease a sense of isolation as it can build connection with the other members. The same as individual sessions, group sessions and workshops are also completely confidential. Attending a group session is also a cost effective way of accessing support for yourself.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a powerful yet simple and effective way to get to the roots of stresses we carry, reducing or eliminating negative feelings, so we can be empowered to move forward.

EFT Workshops

I offer EFT workshops tailored for people dealing with similar issues, for example:
– single parent stress
– workplace stress
– grief or loss
– divorce
– serious illness

EFT workshops for children ages 10-16, who may be experiencing:
– exam stress
– bullying at school
– overwhelm
– social awkwardness
– or other problems and concerns

CONTACT ME for details and more information.

Group EFT workshops

Working with EFT in a group can be healing and powerful. Expect transformative outcomes.
If you have a group that is interested, please CONTACT ME directly for more details.